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I’ve been having a great time writing on Substack!

My essay “The Demonization of the Unvaxxed” has been viewed 19,817 times, as of today. In all, since I started in April. Overall, my essays have been viewed close to 50,000 unique times. Along the way, I am developing a nice community of thoughtful readers. I adhere to the strict discipline of writing at least one essay a week. As a result, I’m compiling a body of work that gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. Most importantly, my essays are making an impact in people’s lives. As a writer, nothing is more important.

The Demonization of the Unvaxxed – by Karen Hunt – Break Free With Karen Hunt (

Comment by Tony: Karen, this was such a comprehensive and insightful article. Your observations were spot on and reminded me of so many similar thoughts or opinions I’ve expressed over the past few years, especially during this covid saga. I think coherent, accurate writings like yours that rationally map out events, remind us that we are the sane ones who stand independently refusing to bow to the Matrix-like dictates of ‘Obey, Consume, Sleep’.

Comment by Kimberly: Wow, what a well written and powerful piece! You touched on every thought I’ve had since this first began in March 2020. I’ve noticed there is just no going against the one and only narrative, or one will be censored. I can’t believe how many people are not realizing what they are going along with. THANK YOU! Your writing is a brilliant and artistic, emotional piece of truth! God bless you!

My latest essay is “Amusing Ourselves to Death.”

Amusing Ourselves to Death – by Karen Hunt – Break Free With Karen Hunt (

Cover art to Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

Our children are being used as guinea pigs by big tech and big pharma. The minds and bodies of our children are being stolen. It requires drastic measures to fight this evil before it’s too late. As the replicant Rachel says in the film Blade Runner: “I’m not in the business. I am the business.”

“The Perfect Little Town: A Woke Fairytale” is one of my favorites.

The Perfect Little Town – by Karen Hunt – Break Free With Karen Hunt (

Comment by Marilyn: Whew! Great read and could be used as an elixir to end the worst of human tendencies: complacency, apathy and self pity!!! Thanks for the “awakening.”

“Gods of Tech and Pestilence” is about the men who rule the world.

Gods of Tech and Pestilence – by Karen Hunt – Break Free With Karen Hunt (

Comment by Matt: Brilliant! …it is surely a “sign of the time” to witness so many people understanding what is really happening right now in front of ou eyes –for those who want to see it. The radical push of the globalist elite toward transhumanism through transgenderism, greenwashing etc and of course first and foremost the Covidian cult with its vaxxination ritual.

The War for Children’s Minds is about the controversy over Critical Race Theory.

The War for Children’s Minds – by Karen Hunt – Break Free With Karen Hunt (

Comment by Tanya: Long, yes…but, excellent read!

My essays, indeed, are long. It’s my way of hopefully making a difference during a time when so many voices are being censored and we find our nation increasingly polarized, thanks to media manipulation and a willingness amongst much of the population to accept that manipulation.

I’m heartened to find people out there who are willing to spend the ten/fifteen minutes or so to read my essays.

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