Coming August 26th

luminaria: tales of earth & Oran, love & revenge

It’s finally here…almost.

Just in from Terror House Press:

Pre-orders for the print edition of Luminaria will open next week. Terror House Press newsletter subscribers will receive a special coupon code that will allow them to pre-order the book at a discount.

Later this month, Terror House will debut Luminaria: Tales of Earth and Oran, Love and Revenge by K.H. Mezek, a conspiracy-themed novel blending elements of fantasy, romance, and crime. Originally serialized on Terror House Magazine earlier this year, Luminaria is the tale of popular science fiction Lance Rey, the intersecting lives of the women he’s ruined, and their plot to destroy him once and for all.

For more information on Mezek’s work, visit her Substack page Break Free With Karen Hunt (, follow her on Twitter Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek (@karenalainehunt) / Twitter, and check out her past work published at Terror House Magazine Luminaria, Chapter 1: Come to Me — Lana ( We’ll also be publishing an interview with Mezek later this month.

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