Saying Good-Bye

“Without a vision, the people will perish.” Proverbs 29:18 Dear Karen, Hello, it’s me, Silvia. I decided to write you this letter to say good-bye. Yes, my time has come. I hardly cry. I haven’t cried for a long time, but today I shed some tears as my friends brought memories of my trial and […]

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Free Silvia Sanchez

  Silvia in blue with her family. Bringing Silvia back into our consciousness. Sharing her voice with the world Silvia is EVERYGIRL. A teenager who struggled with abuse. Serving 25 to life for a murder committed by her older abusive boyfriend. Set her free.  #freesilviasanchez

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Memories of Silvia Sanchez

   Here are two photos that I found from the past: Silvia and her date at the prom with me in the background, and Silvia being crowned as Prom Queen at the first-ever prom held at Central Juvenile Hall, June 24, 1999. Follow-up to my essay WHY I CHOOSE TO REMEMBER MY 50TH BLOOD-BATH OF […]

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Please share this eloquent cry for justice! I have written often about my experiences raising teenagers on the mean streets of Los Angeles and my work with incarcerated youth. I have lived abroad and traveled extensively. The United States of America is a police state ruled by fear and greed. My name is Shawn Haq, […]