At the Gates of Hell and of Heaven

excerpt from my childhood memoir, into the world

At the Gates of Hell and of Heaven by K.H. Mezek (

I had a really wonderful surprise today. AT THE GATES OF HEAVEN AND HELL, and excerpt from my childhood memoir, Into the World, was published at Memoirist Magazine. I am now hopeful that I will at last get this memoir published in its entirety!

This chapter is about my experiences as a child visiting the horrors of Dachau and then a convent for some amazing nuns whose love transcended all boundaries.

It’s so important to remember we are all in this together. We are all brothers and sisters doing our best to navigate this world and we should lift each other up with love. This is what I want to convey with this memoir. We definitely need uplifting messages in these challenging times.

FYI, I am still working on the final draft of this memoir to make it as accurate as possible. Thanks to my mom’s journal, I am able to get dates and even prices of bread accurate. Otherwise, I rely on my memory and I have many vivid memories since this time of my life made such a huge impression on me.

“I decided early on that the world was a terrible place. Oh yes, it was beautiful, marvelous and mysterious, but it was also terrible. I believed this because it was preached at me from the pulpit every Sunday morning and night. And Wednesdays too. And at the breakfast table before school. And at night before bed. The devil was real. He was all around us. He brought suffering and death. Hell was real. Anyone who didn’t believe as we did would end up there.?

Read more at At the Gates of Hell and of Heaven by K.H. Mezek (

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