Killing Us with Kindness

“They Are Not Vaccines, They Are Poisons” – Luc Montagnier

These vaccines are poisons. They are not real vaccines. The mRNA allows its message to be transcribed throughout the body, uncontrollably. No one can say for each of us where these messages will go. This is therefore a terrible unknown.

This was Nobel laureate Professor Luc Montagnier’s plea when he was invited to the Luxembourg Parliament to accompany petitioners speaking out against compulsory Covid vaccination. His plea was made on the 12th of January 2022. By February 8th, he was dead.

Anyone who asked questions like this has been systematically discredited and silenced. People think that now, because they are allowed to ask questions on Twitter, that they have their freedom back and their voices are being heard. The reality is that over the past three years, the authorities have managed to put everyone into separate boxes where alternative voice are allowed to spout off their ‘nonsense” without it ever getting anywhere beyond an echo chamber.

But in the big, wide world out there, the propaganda is just warming up. The photo below shows McDonalds promoting the Covid vaccine. What vaccine will be next on the agenda, I wonder.

McDonald's will redesign their coffee cups promote the Covid-19 vaccine ...

This week saw the 41st annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. Not a big glitzy affair like the World Economic Forum’s Davos conference will surely be in a few days, from January 16-20.

For the drugs companies in attendance, they can move forward with a lot of confidence into the future. No one is protesting outside the conference grounds. No one is being rounded up and put in jail.

The Covid-19 pandemic was the most successful propaganda campaign in history.

It blanketed the entire world, with almost every world leader on board with the protocol. There were those few African leaders who didn’t bow to pressure, for example, but please don’t suggest their deaths were anything other than coincidences, because it’s been fact-checked. Maybe those leaders were assassinated, maybe they weren’t. But we will never know because questions like this are equal to dangerous disinformation. By writing this, I’m making myself worthy of reeducation, just like they are threatening to do to psychologist Jordan Peterson.

COVID vaccine ad campaign features former US Presidents Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton ...

If I look up “covid-19 pandemic was the most successful propaganda campaign by Big Pharma in history” not a single result comes up relating to this topic. A lot of articles come up related to China’s propaganda campaign or articles comparing the Trump administration’s misinformation to China’s.

I’ve noticed that it is harder and harder to find alternative voices when I search on the internet. Most people who look at alternative media will not realize this because by now, they know where to go and they don’t need to search. But for some neutral person who wanted to research different points of view, they will never see anything except the state sanctioned narrative.

The propaganda campaign has worked, and it will continue to work as people become more dependent on drugs. It isn’t a conspiracy theory to surmise that as people are given more and more of these ‘vaccines’, they will lose their natural immunity and become ever more dependent on drugs for their survival. That survival won’t be pleasant.

Excluding the pandemic, the UK is seeing in excess of one thousand deaths a week, the worst figures since 1951.

“There were 1,600 more deaths than usual during Christmas week as long waits for ambulances, cold weather and surging flu infections increased mortality rates by a fifth.”

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One thought on “Killing Us with Kindness

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. I have also posted on substack and if I may here also the same.

    I have been trying to warn people since I worked things out in 2020. I would like to point out that when Luc Montagnier says they are not real vaccines this is misleading as it suggests vaccines were or some use. I used to think this was the case.

    In reality they are utterly, utterly useless and create disease to benefit big pharma profits. The current vaccines may be more poisonous but then people’s immune systems have been degrading over the years as they eat and drink badly, poison themselves with toxic sun creams and vitamin D levels plummet etc. etc.

    I wrote these if you are interested.

    Kind regards and many thanks for all you do.


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