A few weeks ago, I was standing on the wind-swept dunes of the Sahara Desert, near the dunes of Merzouga. And now, this last weekend, I was sipping a gin and tonic, watching the sunset on the Catalina Mountains outside of Tucson, at the Westin Palomar.


Two completely different deserts, two completely different cultures. Which is better, which is more haunting, more beautiful? They are both equally so, in their own, unique ways. But one thing I have to say, I couldn’t find a gin and tonic in the Sahara. The sunsets, however, were no less glorious.


In Tucson, I went to get certified as a TRX instructor.


In the Sahara I was working with kids in the village on the MY WORLD PROJECT.  And now I am back in LA, wondering where I will head next and for what purpose.

Leave your mark in the sand.



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