Killing Us with Kindness

“These vaccines are poisons. They are not real vaccines. The mRNA allows its message to be transcribed throughout the body, uncontrollably. No one can say for each of us where these messages will go. This is therefore a terrible unknown.”

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The Age of Drones

We’re talking armies of drones of all shapes and sizes, down to the smallest gnat, working together in a “swarm” to take samples, administer drugs and regulate the health and behavior of ordinary citizens. The promise is that these drones will be deployed to make our lives easier—for our health and safety.

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Digital ID and Our Obsession with “Identity”

This obsession with proving identity is like a snowball rolling down a mountain, building in size and speed with no way of stopping. Every way that the government can possibly identify citizens and take their data is now being implemented, and it is still never enough. Speech recognition, iris recognition, facial recognition, DNA sequencing, hand geometry, and vascular pattern recognition, which relies on blood vessel patterns in the hands, even monitoring each person’s unique heartbeat.

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Why Everyone Must Get Sicker for the Good of Pfizer

In just the first three months of 2021, Pfizer made $3.5 billion from the Covid vaccine. Pfizer went on to make a staggering $36.8 Billion in 2021. It expects revenue of $29 billion in 2022. This despite recently admitting that the vaccine does not stop transmission, nor does it stop people from getting sick. The company expects to make at least $22 billion from Paxlovid, the drug that causes “Covid rebound”.

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