Trump’s Indictment and the Downfall of America

Freedom died a little more today-it’s almost all gone.

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I arrived at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, this little hideaway paradise, yesterday. Today, I find that, sure enough, Trump has been indicted by a New York grand jury. The first ex-president to ever be charged with such a crime. The persecution will not end. It will only intensify. The Washington Post says this “sets the stage for a 2024 presidential contest unlike any other.”

Here is Trump’s response to the indictment.

Kyle Becker @kylenabecker

BREAKING.🚨 Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, reacts to his criminal indictment by the Manhattan grand jury. “This is Political Persecution and Election Interference at the highest level in history.”


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Check out these guys:

Look at their smug faces. Oops, one face is missing—the photo needs to be updated to include Joe Biden. These presidents caused endless wars and the deaths of millions of innocent people. They installed puppet regimes in smaller countries and murdered leaders if they did not comply. These monsters should be hanging from the highest trees. Yet they are celebrated as heroes while Trump is dragged through the mud for what should be a misdemeanor.

The indictment was sealed, “which means the specific charge or charges are not publicly known. But the grand jury had been hearing evidence about hush money paid to adult film actress Stormy Daniels during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, allegedly to keep her from saying she’d had a sexual encounter with Trump years earlier”.

The worst of it is that the majority of people (those who don’t live in the alternative world of Twitter conservative spaces) are cheering it on.

“Nobody is above the law.” I see this holier-than-thou statement repeated over and over.

Don’t they realize how hypocritical this is?

Meanwhile, conservatives are cheering on Trump, believing this will assure his landslide victory in 2024.

Nope! As I said in The Trouble with Trump, the ONY way Trump wins will be if he has gone over completely to the Dark Side. Otherwise, he will NEVER win. The world and everything in it will burn to the ground in a nuclear holocaust before Trump will be allowed into the White House again.

They are already playing up the news of how dangerous Trump is. The Independent highlighted Trump’s chilling warning of what will happen after his indictmentsaying that he suggested “death and destruction” awaited the US if he is criminally prosecuted. The news will now repeat this over and over, continually drawing us back to the narrative that’s been created of his:

calls to supporters that fueled the attack on the US Capitol and his apocalyptic visions of America from his time in office and on the campaign trail, depicting his us-versus-them political stakes and a brewing civil war with grim conclusions – rhetoric that has gripped the GOP in the wake of Mr. Trump’s candidacy.

Well, of course Trump is right in his assessment. And they know this. They are creating this turmoil. They want it.

Brace yourself for escalating unrest and the possibility that martial law will be declared, and the 2024 elections delayed.

The only way to explain what is happening in the world today is from the Bible, Isaiah 44:18:

They have not known nor understood: for he hath shut their eyes, that they cannot see; and their hearts, that they cannot understand.”

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