The Trouble with Trump

Maybe there needed to be one side believing they were “awakened” and the other side believing they were “woke”. Maybe the creator of a “reality” show was the perfect person to bring down reality.

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Here’s a little tale of morality, corruption and power.

President Donald Trump speaks at his Mar-a-Lago estate on Jan. 3, 2019, in Palm Beach, Fla. Trump said in a social media post that he expects to be arrested Tuesday as a New York prosecutor is eyeing charges in a case examining hush money paid to women who alleged sexual encounters with the former president. Trump provided no evidence that suggested he was directly informed of a pending arrest and did not say how he knew of such plans. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci, File)

The slithering snakes inhabiting the dark corridors of Washington DC must rue the day they ever underestimated the Orange Man Bad.

When Trump declared his first run for presidency and vowed to “drain the swamp”, the most ancient of the fat and sluggish King Cobras laughed and all the snakes beneath them laughed, too. This imposter was nothing to worry about. He would easily be brought down and made to suffer for his impudence. Orders were whispered to the wily press who flicked their forked tongues and happily got busy.

The Orange Man Bad was pilloried as a buffoon, a used car salesman. Just look at that stupid mop of hair. A former reality show host, I mean, honestly. He’d never be invited to the Oscars! If only Obama could return. He was so handsome, so suave. He fit right in with the Hollywood elite and basketball stars. His parties were classic.

The Orange man ignored the glitz and glamour, in fact, he disdained it. “Drain the swamp,” he kept saying. Fight for the people. The heart of America.

When he actually won, all those self-assured, privileged snakes were gob smacked. Chief among them, his sadistic opponent Hillary Clinton gnashed her teeth and to this day, has never admitted that it really happened. The shadowy overlords, (because even King Cobras have overlords, too), were angry. How could an insignificant outsider have beat what had been so carefully crafted into the appearance of the most powerful force on earth: the United States of America’s Washington DC’s “uni-party”?

Perception is everything and now that perception was in danger. Lustrous, seductive lies fed to the public over years upon years had convinced the majority of people to become dependent on drugs and technology. Now, they were on the verge of convincing all those brainwashed billions to willingly walk into a digital prison and happily lock themselves in. And the Orange man was putting their plans in jeopardy.

The pain and suffering the overlords would inflict upon the DC snakes would be beyond anything they had ever inflicted upon their underlings. The uni-party had to ensure that even if their masks slipped a little in the coming battles, the populace would be so fearful, so confused, that they would turn on one another in hatred rather than on the DC snakes who were the real culprits.

If the snakes were already corrupted, they became a hundred times more so now. They would do anything to achieve their goal of bringing down the Orange Man Bad. They would dedicate themselves to chaos. Destroy the planet in the name of Green Energy. Stir up wars. Encourage riots at home and famines abroad. They would sell their souls to Big Pharma and unleash a plague.

And so COVID arrived on the scene. Perhaps Trump could have survived everything else. But he could not survive Covid.

Here comes the twist. After going to the bother of telling that little story, maybe it isn’t true, either. Maybe Trump was an active participant in the plot all along. Maybe he was the catalyst needed to divide the country, and, indeed, the world, and bring about the chaos that we now see all around us. Maybe there needed to be one side believing they were “awakened” and the other side believing they were “woke”. Maybe the creator of a “reality” show was the perfect person to bring down reality.

By now, most of us realize that the words being thrown at us aren’t an accident. The one word ‘COVID’ (yes, it’s an acronym, but we see it as a word) has had a greater influence in our lives than any other word, perhaps down through history. For each person, it means something different. And those differences are what has torn us apart.

I love the Bible verse, “I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.”

To me, this means, use your intellect, not your emotions. Don’t overreact to words like “serpent”. Understand the deeper meaning. To be simple means to use your common sense. Fly above the racket while remembering to stay grounded in the real world.

Here we are, back where we were a few years ago. Trump is running for president once again. The swamp didn’t destroy him. But neither did he destroy it. Nothing has improved since Trump first made that vow. In fact, it’s much worse.

As more and more people claim to know the truth, we find ourselves falling further and further into illusion. Every assault that we have endured, from Covid, to the threat of nuclear war, to the coming collapse of the fiat system, has led us deeper into confusion. This has brought us closer than ever to the ultimate goal of the elites: posthumanism—unlocking the secrets of life itself. This goal is pushed by the transgender movement, the most audacious brainwashing mechanism of them all.

We are in a war on reality. And everyone, from Trump to Biden, to Fauci, to Zelensky, to all the others, have had their part to play. The public must believe that illusion is safer and better for you than reality. Anyone who does not accept the illusion, but insists on living in reality, is the enemy.

I think back to my dad’s talks when I was a teenager. He warned repeatedly of how we were losing our way. And for my readers who don’t share the same faith as me, I am not trying to convert you. I am speaking of basic truths that we all know instinctually but that we have been led to deny. So, my dad fought against outside forces infiltrating the church. And by the church, he didn’t mean a certain denomination or a building. The church is the people, not a structure built by the establishment to demonstrate their wealth and power.

He spoke passionately against psychology, eastern mysticism, and prosperity preachers and the dangers of accepting new interpretations to the Bible. He encouraged people to get back to the basics. To not be impressed by experts insisting that they knew better. We all had access to God’s Word and the teachings of Jesus. If we always returned the source, it would keep us grounded. It was the simple people who were drawn to Jesus and loved him. The rich and the powerful, the religious leaders and the scholars hated him. He exposed them for the lying hypocrites that they were.

Although at the time, I thought my dad went too far with his remonstrations, I am so thankful that I had his instruction all those years ago. It helped me recognize what is happening now.

Whereas at the beginning of Covid people at least argued across left and right, now opposing sides never interact. Those on the right argue endlessly amongst themselves about details such as whether or not the vaccine is a bioweapon and exactly how many people have been killed because of it. Pundits make a lot of money off of the latest revelations. But just like Trump never drained the swamp, these arguments lead nowhere. Fauci still isn’t jailed, and Pfizer’s Albert Bourla is calling this the Golden Age of Vaccines.

It’s like factions within a church arguing about whether or not a woman should wear make-up when they should be focusing on caring for the poor. It’s another way to make us forget what’s really important, which is to live real lives in the real world. Interacting with one another outside of the devices that are acclimatizing us slowly but surely to allowing our bodies to be experimented on by scientific experts and our brains to be invaded by machines.

Of course, it’s impossible to ignore all these bombshell news stories.

A few days ago, Trump said he would be arrested on the 21st citing leaked information from the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

According to Reuters, “Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is investigating whether Trump falsified business records by concealing his reimbursement of his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen for a $130,000 payment Cohen made to porn star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford”.

This is a charge that federal officials refused to prosecute; a misdemeanor in New York that Bragg could try to elevate to a felony if it can be connected to other crimes. So, dragging the former president into court over a misdemeanor? It seems pretty outrageous.

Trump was silenced in the press for a long time. But now he’s back. And think about it. Nobody had to bring him back. But they did. Why? If anything, surely the left believes he poses an even greater threat now than he did before. He’s back on Facebook. I suppose it’s just a matter of time before he returns to Twitter. I get it. If he wants to win, he has to have a voice. If I want anyone to read what I am writing here, I have to put it out on social media. And that’s where you are all reading it, no matter how you feel about the technology you are using to do so. The technology itself isn’t evil. We all make compromises that we feel we can live with.

If Trump’s job has been to stir up conflict, he certainly is good at it. The minute he’s back in the news, the conflicts start.

The Independent described what it called Trump’s chilling warning of what will happen after his indictment:

Trump demanded that his supporters “protest” his imminent “arrest” in New York in a furious all-caps social media post typical of his violent visions of America in chaos: a “dying” and “third world” country where “leftist thugs” are “killing and burning with no retribution”.

His words were “reminiscent” of that fateful Jan 6 day when he encouraged his supporters to protest, in what Biden went on to describe as “the worst attack on democracy since the Civil War”.

There is no shortage of exaggeration in this propaganda campaign.

Just a couple of days previously, the international criminal court (ICC) in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for “overseeing the abduction of Ukrainian children”.

The other side of the story is that these children are being taken out of harm’s way but that’s not up for consideration. According to the Guardian, “This is one of the rare occasions when the court has issued a warrant for a sitting head of state, putting Putin in the company of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir”.

Clearly, in a calculated move, Trump is being linked with Putin as if they are twin conspirators dedicated to destroying the free world. Not only that, but by association with Putin, Trump is now being put in the same boat as Gaddafi and al-Bashir.

If ever we doubted that a small group of elites controls every major media outlet in the world here is the proof. Threats of arrest of the two most influential men of our times—one in the West and one in the East—were issued simultaneously, the news being reported globally as one, united voice.

Whether or not Trump is arrested tomorrow and carted off in handcuffs is now open to debate. Although his indictment still seems imminent. But Trump sure pushed the news to his advantage.

Elon Musk weighed in on the drama by saying if Trump is arrested, it will “ensure his presidential victory in a landslide”.

The former Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich, now running a pro-Trump super PAC called MAGA Inc., said in a statement that an indictment “will not only serve to coalesce President Trump’s support, but it will become the single largest in-kind contribution to a federal campaign in political history.”

What I say is, if Trump is elected, it will prove once and for all that he has gone over to the “the dark side”. Otherwise, he will never be allowed to be president.

People can scoff at the idea that we are being influenced by a small group of elites who rule the world, but Glenn Greenwald is spot on when he says in his recent show:

So, the media are servants of the small group of people who run the world. The media’s real function is to serve as their kind of enforcers to make sure no one’s dissenting too much from the orthodoxies on which they rely to maintain their power…. no matter how much you hate the corporate media, it’s not enough. It is literally impossible to overstate not only the damage that they do but the malice with which they do it. And by malice, I don’t mean that they’re evil masterminds. I mean malice in the sense of the “banality of evil.” The people who go and punch the clock every day, never question what they’re doing, but whose work is nonetheless incredibly toxic and harmful. They’re just basically sociopathic careerists. But no matter sometimes those people can be the most destructive. 

That small group of people who run the world could not succeed without the pencil pushers. The lesser snakes who are given their marching orders and follow through without a thought beyond maybe getting a little recognition for their loyalty. A gold star, a bigger holiday bonus, an invitation to a special event where they can hobnob with those a little higher than themselves and dream of dethroning one of them and taking their place.

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