Deep Fakes and False Flags

Or, why we keep writing about lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

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Reading the news about the chemical poisoning of the people of Palestine, Ohio, and then another earthquake in Turkey, I was overcome, as I think many people must be, by the escalating suffering of millions of ordinary citizens around the world. We sit in our homes and stare at our screens, appalled. We cannot do anything to help all these people. They are far away. All we can do is be thankful it isn’t us—selfish, but understandable. And then, the uncomfortable question, for how long? At any moment, such a disaster could strike our families, too.

Turkey earthquake rescuers find 'miracle' survivors but frustration ...
Kahramanmaras, Turkey February 14, 2023. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

Many will say, just turn off the news. But is that the answer? To stick our heads in the sand until the devil is on our doorstep.

I sometimes wonder if I should I stop writing all this disturbing stuff. There certainly is no end to the material I could write about, and there are plenty of other excellent writers doing it. Yet, somehow, each day, I sit down at my computer, a sense of urgency compelling me forward.

I continually feel behind the times. Putin gave his speech today. Biden made his “surprise” visit to Kyiv yesterday.

This morning, I saw that James O’Keefe’s speech to his staff had been, unsurprisingly, released to the public. I listened to the entire speech, a chilling experience since it sounded eerily familiar to what happened to me. I need to write about that, too. “The Dark Underbelly of the Nonprofit World”. I wasn’t as savvy as O’Keefe; nor did I have such a big audience assured of supporting me going forward. Those were the days before social media meant we could reach hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions with our words and images. My voice was much smaller, but the devastation it caused to my life was no less consequential.

When I finally found a place (Substack) where, for the first time, I was able to say what I really wanted to say without being silenced, the feeling of freedom was beyond what I can ever describe. I’ve been through too much, stayed strong to my convictions for too long, to give up now.

And so, here I am, still trying to finish this disaster piece, after having helped with my grandson this morning and knowing I have about two hours to finish it (that two hours has turned into four).

Here we go….

Does anyone still consider it a conspiracy theory that there are “evil elites” who have more power now than they have ever had before. Or that they have been greatly aided in attaining this power because of their control over what we now the “Mainstream Media” and new technology that allows state propagandists to project words and images to every single corner of the planet.

The news has become one, all-powerful voice. Left or right, it doesn’t matter. With each new disaster, they work in conjunction, bombarding us on all fronts with the same phrases and images, implanting fear and confusion into our minds. Before Covid, there were plenty of disasters happening all around the world, every single day. Covid locked us away, made us into a captive audience, with no relief from these disasters playing out on our screens and being embedded into our minds.

What was the first fear after the term “COVID-19” entered our consciousness? I talk about it in Once Upon a Fomite. It was the FEAR OF TOUCHING ANYTHING.

Master manipulator Dr. Anthony Fauci told us that anything we touched had the potential to infect us. To kill us. Every surface held this unseen horror. We were instructed to wash all surfaces. The entire world was told to do this. The entire world dutifully complied. I did, way over there in the villages of Luxor, Egypt. I started washing everything—until I realized about two weeks later that it was ridiculous.

And then we were told even our own children could kill us. Just like a zombie that hadn’t turned yet (how many zombie movies had we been exposed to by this point?) they might not look or act sick, but they, too, could infect us. They could kill their own grandparents. We could all kill each other if we didn’t follow the rules.

The only way to communicate became through a screen. This was the only safe way to connect with loved ones, with friends and colleagues. The only way to know what was happening. We were told if we saw someone in the market that we knew, to not greet them, to just walk on by and get back home as soon as possible. Cover your mouth and nose, don’t make eye contact, become a ghost in the terrifying real world while becoming more attached to what was happening in the fake world.

Covid was a huge success. The minute Fauci et al convinced the entire world to follow obsessive rituals of cleanliness, they knew they could take the next step and then the next. COVID was a BIG step towards total compliance, but it was by no means the first one.

Since Covid, we have become conditioned to watch disaster after disaster and make them fit into the explanations that we have already been conditioned to accept as fact.

One side accepts the official narrative. The other side forms all kinds of theories, or what has become known by the other side as “conspiracy theories”. The train derailment was orchestrated. The earthquakes were manmade. The Chinese balloon was a distraction from what happened in Ohio.

Words have been implanted in our minds that we can use to express these theories on one side and accusations on the other side. MisinformationDisinformation. Controlled opposition. Distraction.

And one of my new favorites. Deep Fake, which is a video of a person in which their face or body has been digitally altered so that they appear to be someone else, typically used maliciously or to spread false information.

IS BIDEN IN DEEP-FAKE MODE? - The Great Awakening! [Now in progress] - WWG1WGA!

And another one that we hear a lot about lately: False Flag.

After which there always comes the Fact Check.

Like this one about the earthquakes in Turkey:

Fact check: False claim HAARP is responsible for the earthquake in Turkey

A Feb. 7 Facebook post said this:

What really happened in turkey? Message to End Illuminati on Telegram that is clearly a telephone wire bursting not a timed explosion charge! But this is still a scripted event they used Geo engineering weather modification HAARP! See there’s a lot of fake channels out they’re putting out this information just for views, First we had the event with the cloud in turkey and then the earthquake a haarp generated earthquake. And something bigger is coming..”

To which fact checkers responded:

More than 36,000 people are dead after earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on Feb. 6, USA TODAY reported. Experts said the disaster was natural and not the result of any human system.

Or this one about the chemical disaster in Ohio:

Fact check: Baseless claim that Ohio train derailment was a ‘false flag’ operation

This fact check followed after someone made this post on Facebook:

“THIS WAS PLANNED / BY DESIGN / FALSE FLAG. New reports indicate deadly vinyl chloride has contaminated the Ohio River as far as West Virginia, a water source for over 5 million.”

Now, I admit, this chemical disaster has me speculating.

How can it possibly be a coincidence that this spill happened a mere two months after Netflix’s movie release of White Noise, adapted from Don DeLillo’s 1985 book of the same title. Billed as a disaster film for pandemic times, the film is about a massive train crash releasing a toxic substance into the atmosphere near a small Ohio town.

Ben Ratner, an extra in the film, also happens to live in Palestine. “Talk about art imitating life,” he told People. “This is such a scary situation. And you can just about drive yourself crazy thinking about how uncanny the similarities are between what’s happening now and in that movie.”

Yes, you can just about drive yourself crazy thinking about it.

Looking back to those long-gone days of three years ago, before COVID took over almost every waking moment of our consciousness, were any of us thinking like this? Okay, maybe we had some thoughts about conspiracy theories and most people didn’t really trust the government. But mostly, conspiracy theories, like those about aliens, were kind of fun. Most people didn’t take them too seriously.

Back then, millions of people hadn’t banded together into hive minds traveling hysterically from one disaster to the next, regurgitating each other’s thoughts.

Beyond the disaster itself, people started posting things like this:

Inside Job? CDC Changed Toxicity Info For Vinyl Chloride 11 Days Before Derailment

After 17 years of inactivity, and just a couple weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, the CDC decides to update its toxicological profile on Vinyl Chloride. The update changes the lethal exposure from 100PPM to 100,000PPM. What are the odds?

— Cognitive Dissident (@STP48315) February 16, 2023

But that’s on a website called “”. You won’t find anything about these claims on NPR or the New York Times. I’m waiting for the fact checkers to debunk it.

So, what really happened? Was it terrorists? But terrorists love to take credit for their bombings. Was it special forces from our own government? Remember, it’s pretty obvious the US is the one who blew up the Nordstream pipelines. I wrote about this in Biden to the Rescue all the way back on October 7, 2022.

Our government has done so many terrible things to its own citizens. In 1979, back when the Washington Post still did real journalism, it was reported that:

In an experiment designed to determine both attack and defense capabilities with biological weapons, a Navy ship blanketed San Francisco and its neighboring communities with a bacteria-laden smog for six days in 1950, according to U.S. military records.

The records concluded that nearly every one of San Francisco’s 800,000 residents was exposed to the cloud released by a Navy ship steaming up and down just outside the Golden Gate Bridge.

The aerosol released by the ship contained a bacteria known as serratia, which was thought harmless by the military at the time but which has been found since to cause a type of pneumonia that can be fatal.

However, it did take them 30 years after thepresst to finally report what had happened. With so many other examples we can draw on over the years, it doesn’t take more than a modicum of deductive powers to figure out that we cannot trust what our government tells us.

There is something called predictive programming, which is described as “a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders”.

If you want to learn more about it, watch this video of Alan Watt, talking about how ideas are downloaded into our minds like a virus, via fiction primarily, using high drama, emotion, plus crisis.

To watch the video and read more, please go to

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