The Truth about LUCIFERASE

“It’s possible someday that this ‘invisible’ approach could create new possibilities for data storage, biosensing, and vaccine applications.” — from MIT’s unveiling of its quantum dot “tattoo”

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I will be following this up with a deep dive into a mind-blowing patent I uncovered about drones administering drugs and vaccines and controlling the populace through monitoring our health.

But first, we have to talk about luciferase and clear up a few misunderstandings.

What you’re about to read is a little different from my usual essays. It veers off into science fiction and some pretty weird stuff. However, I think we can all agree that lately science fiction has been coming true right before our eyes.

My drawing for Luminaria

It was way back in the 1980s (I can’t believe how old I am!) that I had some ideas for a science fiction novel. Ideas about tiny drone fireflies burrowing into people’s brains and genetically altering them—yes, I know, I have a wild imagination. About luciferase used as a conduit to travel back and forth between worlds. About rearranging matter and the flow of energy. Some of those ideas are now coming true.

I can almost hear the cries of dismay.

What, are you crazy?”

You’ve finally lost it, Karen!”

Nobody’s using luciferase for that.”

It’s a conspiracy theory!”

Please. Before you sign off in a huff, hear me out.

So, what was going on forty years ago? Well, I was married to a Slovenian pop star and living between London and a village in communist Yugoslavia. It was a dark time for me, trapped in an abusive marriage and unable even to talk about it. Seven years is what it took to realize that the prison was of my own making and the only way out was for me to free myself.

In those years before I got the courage to leave, I sought refuge in a Bayswater cafe called Le Relais Basque. Opening the door and crossing the threshold, I felt as if I had entered a magical world of tantalizing mysteries where the horrors beyond its walls couldn’t touch me. It was there, writing furiously with pen on paper, hour after hour, that the idea for Luminaria was born. Once I moved back to Los Angeles, I transported the cafe to a seedy street off Hollywood Blvd. and made it the central point of the book.

Le Relais Basque was frequented by Middle Eastern diplomats and other, questionable characters. Sometimes, I sat with a Kurdish warlord who’d been on Iraq’s ten most-wanted list and had escaped over the mountains into Turkey with a million pounds in a suitcase. He was short and squat, with a pock-marked face, a luxuriant moustache, and large, soulful eyes. He always wore cowboy boots and thought that eating a Big Mac was the height of status. It was amusing, and yet, I felt sure that if you dropped him and a Wall Street executive down in Watts with no money and only their wits about them, within a week, he’d be running the gangs while the suit would be dead. He inspired the character of Ariyan Barzani in Luminaria, which was finally published during the height of the pandemic in 2021, by Terror House Press. Each chapter starts with one of my drawings. Here’s the one about Ariyan.

Luminaria, Chapter 2: The Proposition: Hannah

Back then, I’d read some articles about the bioluminescence of fireflies being used to probe for and identify life in outer space. I can’t find those articles now. But there are plenty of recent ones talking about luciferase being used as a conduit to identify information inside our bodies, such as vaccine status or our general medical health, and relaying that information to AI outside our bodies.

Here is a scientific explanation of luciferase and luciferin:

Luciferase is an enzyme that catalyzes a light-producing biochemical reaction when it is in the presence of oxygen and a naturally occurring substrate called luciferin. Because of the light-emitting phenomenon, the luciferase-luciferin enzyme-substrate combination is the basis behind one of nature’s most common forms of bioluminescence.

Historical references to Lucifer give it that added air of mystique:

In Latin, Lucifer means “Light Bringer.”

In Roman folklore, it was the name of the Morning Star or the planet Venus.

Its archaic meaning was a match struck by rubbing it on a rough surface.

In Christianity, Lucifer is associated with Ezekiel 28:17:

“Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor.”

Lucifer was God’s most magnificent angel. When he sought to usurp God’s throne, he was cast out from heaven and fell to earth. Taking on the form of a snake, he tempted Adam and Eve and they succumbed, opening the door to sin and sealing off the Garden of Eden with the Tree of Life inside.

The Angel of Light became the Angel of Death. Satan. The Devil.

See the source image

If you are a believer in the Book of Revelation, there are a lot of reasons to associate Lucifer with luciferase, the Mark of the Beast, Covid-19 vaccines, digital IDs and humans being microchipped.

It sounds crazy, right? And because it sounds crazy, fact checkers have used these ‘conspiracy theories’ about Satan controlling our government and Bill Gates wanting to microchip everyone to take attention away from the actual truth that they are, indeed, using luciferase in the manufacture of vaccines and in identifying people who have been vaccinated.

I can find no evidence that luciferase is in the Covid-19 vaccines. But who cares? That’s not what’s important. What’s important is following the trail of how luciferase is actually being used and what it’s being used for. It’s the “what” that’s most important.

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