Once Upon a Fomite

How the COVID Masters of Lies convinced billions of people to follow their ridiculous rituals.

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It all started with fomites.

Nasty little buggers that we cannot see, don’t want to see. Don’t want to think about. Yuck.

Sorry, but let’s take a closer.

It seems like a hundred years ago—so much has happened since—but none of us will ever forget how back in January of 2020 COVID-19 first burst upon the scene.

Seemingly from one day to the next, COVID was all around us, emblazoned in large letters and repeated over and over in the media. It changed our world in ways we could never have imagined. Nothing will ever go back to normal. For a while we thought maybe it would. But no.

Within the space of that first dizzying month, all that we believed to be solid and true crumbled to dust. Out of the rubble arose experts who helped us navigate the deadly world that had become our new reality.

We hung on these experts’ every word. They told us scary stories and we listened, just like children hearing Halloween tales at bedtime.

You better behave, or else….

Definitions for words and phrases that we thought were set in stone suddenly changed, vanished. New words popped up out of nowhere.

If you don’t have an old dictionary (I’ve said this before), buy one, so you can remember what words like “vaccine” and “immunization” once meant. Some words, such as “woman” became indefinable. Perhaps within the next fifty years or so, actual women won’t exist, and the word and its meaning will have been stricken from our memories.

Just out of curiosity, I googled “transgender images.” All that came up were men as women. Image after image of men parading as women. Not a single image of women as men. Below is one example of a rather famous transgender:


What does this tell you? That women are being disappeared, right now. Billions of dollars are being poured into this new narrative about one word, transgenderism.

The Masters of Lies are busy rewriting history, manipulating the present and creating the future.

Words that once weren’t taken seriously are now repeated over and over across all media, both mainstream and alternative. It has become necessary to pick sides based on these words, proclaiming our allegiance to one side or the other. Transhumanism, New World Order, World Economic Forum, domestic terrorism, Critical Race Theory, Mass Psychosis, anti-science, trust-the-science, oligarchs, Kyiv (not Kiev), Metaverse, gain of function research, CRISPIR, mRNA technology, gene therapy, transgender, pansexual, anti-science, anti-vaxer, misinformation, conspiracy theory.

Whereas once it was “weapons of mass destruction,” it is now so much more: bioweapons, 5G, cyber-attacks, nuclear war, famine, pandemics.

Processing all these words has been a mind-blowing experience. No wonder most people gave up and relied on the experts.

So, what about this word fomite? If it’s so important, why didn’t we hear about it? Why wasn’t it all over the media?

Because nobody, least of all our most auspicious, world-renowned, pompous, lord-of-all-things-scientific, expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, wanted us to register this word in our consciousness. If we did, we might remember another time when fomites were used to justify certain procedures similar to what we experienced throughout the COVID hysteria.

It was during the yellow fever scourge of the late 1800s and early 1900s that fear of fomites was rampant. Fomites, so they said, were the major cause of spreading yellow fever and thus inhibiting the construction of the Panama Canal. The French had already admitted defeat and handed the contract for the canal over the United States with good riddance. While other diseases might be more common, yellow fever spread rapidly and could kill up to 20% of a city’s population in a matter of months. By the time the United States took over construction, 20,000 workers had died trying to build the canal.

In 1900, US Army Medical Core Major Dr. William Gorgas conducted a massive sanitation effort to rid Havana of Yellow Fever. It was based off of the idea that Yellow Fever was a “filth” disease and if you just cleaned everything obsessively you could avoid it. The sanitation did no good but that didn’t change the dogma.

Washing in the Ganges

Sanitation of objects and of oneself is understood to be vital to good health. We all take showers, wash our clothes, our dirty dishes, clean our houses—well, most of us do, to varying degrees.

But we don’t really think about how cleansing rituals are so much a part of our lives, beyond what is practical. Ritual washings belong in most cultures and religions, even if they make no logical sense. Hindus bathe in the Ganges River to wash off impurities and bring good fortune. Muslims must wash before they pray five times a day. Believers of Haiti’s most celebrated patron saint, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, travel to the Saut d’Eau waterfall and wash in the waters there.

The more you express your piousness through these rituals, the less likely you are to be “dirty” with sin.

Likewise, the richer you are, the cleaner you are likely to be. The children of the wealthy wear designer clothes and aren’t likely to go barefoot the way kids in African villages do.

Fomites as a vector of disease make sense. Clean everything and you will get rid of the germs. Yet it didn’t solve the yellow fever problem, nor did it solve COVID.

By 1881, while what would amount to millions of dollars today was being spent on this endeavor, an insignificant Cuban physician by the name of Carlos Finlay argued that yellow fever was spread by mosquitoes.

For daring to go against the “accepted narrative” (sound familiar?) Finlay was called a “crank” and a “crazy old man.” Of course, it was the “experts” in their ivory towers who benefited from maintaining the status quo. They didn’t appreciate some upstart doctor trying to ruin their lucrative contracts. Just like the brave doctors who spoke out against the disastrous rules implemented to combat Covid, Finlay worked in the field and knew from personal experience the truth of the situation.

He remarked in 1881:

I understand too well that nothing less than an absolutely incontrovertible demonstration will be required before the generality of my colleagues accept a theory so entirely at variance with the ideas which have until now prevailed about yellow fever.”

Nineteen years later, Walter Reed was determined to conduct experiments on mosquito transmission to prove Finlay’s theories, but he received no support from Washington DC or the Army. It was only after a U.S. public health campaign in Cuba based on the fomite theory failed to control the spread of yellow fever that Reed and the U.S. Army Yellow Fever Commission would finally provide the “incontrovertible demonstration” that Finlay knew was needed to prove his theory.

Dr. Walter Reed at last could declare Finlay’s reputation vindicated:

A little careful testing of this theory [of fomites] has knocked it to smithereens.” (Walter Reed Colombia Barracks, Quemados, Cuba, December 1900, Walter Reed and Yellow Fever, Kelly, 1906)

It’s interesting to note that while most Cubans, for example, contracted yellow fever as children and survived the disease with a lifelong immunity, adult foreigners in Cuba succumbed to the disease in great numbers. The natives lived in natural harmony (though not without pain and discomfort) with the mosquitoes. This would have continued unchanged if foreigners hadn’t wanted to exploit these areas for their own purposes, forever changing the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Certainly, many such changes have made life better across the globe. On the other hand, often what seems a good change one day turns into a nightmare the next. In our eagerness to solve immediate problems (and make a profit while we’re at it) we are not very good at predicting long term consequences.

Malaria in Africa is caused by mosquitoes, too. But it has never been eradicated, no matter how much money has been thrown at it. Why not? Because there is no profit—no Panama Canal to be built.

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