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Here is an example of my latest writing The Problem of Faith – Break Free with Karen Hunt ( about my childhood experiences with my family smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain and my struggles with faith.

Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu Mural

An excerpt:

I grew up bombarded by the evils of communism, to the point of hysteria. I’d heard rumors that when you crossed the border into a communist country, even the air turned red. Would that be true? Would I see it for myself?

As we passed from the West into the East, I strained hard to see if there was even the slightest hint of red and I thought that maybe there was, sort of, but honestly, I couldn’t be sure.

When my family braced itself to enter the Communist Block we knew exactly who we were and why we did it. We were the Right Hand of God standing against the forces of Satan. We were the righteous ones. They were the evil ones. It was all very simple. By faith we would prevail. The Bibles we carried were more precious than food in a famine. They would feed a people hungering for God’s Word.

I wanted fervently to believe but something always made me doubt, even at the age of ten. How could we be absolutely sure we were right?

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