Hey Wake Up!!!

Three times a week or so I walk/run down to Whole Foods and back and it’s a long way, it takes me maybe three hours. Once I’m there I get some tea and sushi and sit outside and clear my head and I feel the tension drift away. I get some of my best ideas for my writing on my way home because by that time my mind is free of all constraints and it’s a wonderful feeling as thoughts flow easily and freshly through my mind.

What really bothers me is I pass schools and see kids playing outside and they are all wearing these masks on their faces. This is child abuse and it is unhealthy. We talk about making the air cleaner and then we force our children to wear dirty pieces of cloth on their faces while they play in the fresh air? The sad thing is this will become normal for our children. Young children will not remember there was a time when children played freely without their breathing being impeded. People need to wake up to this insanity. And then parents are proud to say they are giving their children up as guinea pigs testing the vaccine? Children should not wear masks and they should not take this vaccine. I wish I could just run up to them all and say, just take that cloth off, it’s okay, be free! But I can’t do that, of course, I wlill be arrested.

Besides which, it’s embarrassing to see our president on virtual meetings with other world leaders and NO ONE but our president is wearing a mask. In a virtual meeting when he is not next to anyone??? And he is fully vaccinated. And the reason for the paranoia is??? There is none except to set an example for people that they need to live under continued oppression, and in fact, the more people obey, the more they will be rewarded with government funds so they no longer even have the impetus to work, just stay home and live virtually. McDonalds is offering $50 trying to get people to work, but why should they when they can sit at home and collect more money? But this is part of the strategy. To buy up everything. We should all be happy owning nothing while the top tiny percent, our benevolent leaders, own everything. .

Kamala Harris has interviews where she sits twenty feet away from her interviewer, after everyone has been vaccinated. It looks absurd. Am I in the twilight zone? You can be sure this will never end. It will only become more oppressive and people will gladly accept it. If you don’t , like me right here, you are to be shamed, fired from your job, probably.at some point children will be taken from their parents for not complying. Prepare for the next pandemic folks, as Kamala Harris just told the UN, because this will only get worse.

Meanwhile, Those at the top of the food chain are laughing all the way to the bank. When the cameras are off, they are mask-less and enjoying the spoils of their war on the common man.
They’ve got us all divided on the basis of race. Divide and conquer, anyone ever heard of that strategy? Read the Art of War anyone? Maybe dare to step outside the box and read books like Unmasked by Andy Ngo. Just dare to take a tiny step outside the propaganda zone.

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