LUMINARIA, Chapter 9

balancing act: ith daktar san

Published this week in Terror House Magazine. Luminaria, Chapter 9: Balancing Act — Ith Daktar San, Part 1 (

And there was Lance Rey, plopped down right in front of me where I’d been waiting for him on the steppe near to Extorlia’s castle. I had to admire his courage. Even with a crushed hand, as well as another crushed thumb, he showed no fear and suppressed the pain.

He rose to his feet with some effort. His immaculate clothes were torn and covered with dust, smudges on his face. Yet he still looked cool and unperturbed.

“You are alone,” I said.

He shrugged. “It would seem so.”

“Even your wife and child you abandoned.”

A slight frown creased his forehead, a tightening of the jaw. “I’ve done my best to protect them.”

I looked past him down the hill and he followed my gaze. Soldiers were approaching on horseback.

“They will take to you to the council and a decision will be made,” I said.

As the soldiers arrived, the others burst through the Paradora, as I knew they would.

The unfortunate unraveling of the freedom fighters’ plans was something they never expected. Not only had all copies of the tapes exposing the corruption of Dark Films been mysteriously destroyed, but all the information Farida had amassed on human trafficking, drugs and weapons deals, along with proof of ties to legitimate companies and government officials, all of which she had sent to the major news outlets, had disappeared as well.

To continue reading: Luminaria, Chapter 9: Balancing Act — Ith Daktar San, Part 1 (

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