Lights, Camera, Action!

firefly lane:

tales of earth & oran, love & revenge

jessica is in for a rude awakening

“She walked into the living room, glittering in a deep red confection, shoulders bare, champagne glass breasts covered by two thin, blood-red smears of material, toned arms reaching out to give Phillip a hug, red lips kissing his mouth. Golden hair, more golden than mine, cascaded down her bare shoulders and back. She turned to me, as if I would submit to a traitor’s kiss as well. I stepped slightly back, watching beneath my dark lashes as she shrugged and fixed herself a drink.”

So far, we’ve been introduced to Lana, Hannah, Natasha, Lilly, Farida, Adonai, Erolin, and now Jessica. Based on these chapters I wonder if anyone can guess who will be featured in the last two?

Enjoy the continuing adventure here: Firefly Lane, Chapter 8: Lights, Camera, Action — Jessica, Part 1 (

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