Undercover: Farida

firefly lane

chapter 7, part II

Firefly Lane, Chapter 7: Undercover — Farida, Part 2 (terrorhousemag.com)

The story continues…

Adonai picked up the shiny object and the wings fluttered. The body began to pulse with light. She brought it close to my ear and quick as a flash, it entered my head. I felt an intense and painful pressure as the firefly burrowed inside of me. It was panic-inducing. This thing was going into my brain and there was nothing I could do about it. But then the pressure ended and my heavily beating heart calmed.

A heightened awareness fell on me, and I was aware of a slight pulsing in my temple. I saw everything more clearly, how all of us in that room were united with this alien thing inside our heads. I felt there were others we were attached to, as well, beyond that room, in another world. I even felt an attachment to Rey.

“Fuck,” I said. “Does Rey have one of these? Does he know we have them, too?”

“Of course, he will feel something,” said Adonai. “Maybe he will even sense something is happening and he should investigate. But tonight, what can he do? This is the biggest moment of his life. The world premiere of Moon Wars. These worries will lose significance compared to the moment when the entire world is acknowledging his greatest achievement. In his arrogance, he will think nothing can touch him tonight.”

Adonai turned to Lilly. “You deserve one of these, too,” she said. And for once, Lilly remained speechless and took the firefly bravely.

The café was dimly lit. The hallway at the back was dark. We waited in silence.

Within moments, faintly blinking lights began to appear from the hallway and then….

There they were.

read more at Firefly Lane, Chapter 7: Undercover — Farida, Part 2 (terrorhousemag.com)

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