Vishku Way: Erolin

chapter 6, part 2 of firefly lane

“Why could not the common person love who they wished, perhaps even keep a child that was born to a father and a mother? Even words such as “father” and “mother” were banned.”

Is free will an illusion? Surely our decisions seem free. And yet, are they not made based upon billions of interconnected actions that have gone before? The Meditators of the Vishku Way connect their minds to these billions of actions, from the most miniscule and seemingly insignificant to the most heinous and momentous, ensuring that the balance between positive and negative–or what we would term good and evil–is never tilted too far in favor of one side or the other. Even a small deviation could send Oran spinning out of control, upsetting the entire balance of the Universe.

Such control is for the good of all.

Available to read at Firefly Lane, Chapter 6: Vishnu Way — Erolin, Part 2 (

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