Vishnu Way: Erolin

Chapter 6, Part I

firefly lane

Firefly Lane, Chapter 6: Vishnu Way — Erolin, Part 1 (

Follow the link above to read the next installment in this tale of ten women and the revenge they seek on Lance Rey, the most successful science fiction writer of all time.

This chapter tells the story of Erolin. Here is a short excerpt:

Last night, I dreamed of my mother. It’s always the same dream. She’s lying in the birthing room beneath the glaring clinical lights. Shackled to the bed, she thrashes and tries to escape, but it’s useless. She screams and pushes and so I am born. I scream, too, like all babies do if they have any sense. Who wouldn’t protest entering such a world?

The Sisters of High Calling take me away and my mother’s eyes follow, trying to catch one small glimpse. Please, don’t take my baby, she cries. A needle is plunged into her arm and she falls back on the sweat-soaked sheets. I look down on her thin, drawn face. Hair spread across the pillow like the flames of a sun. The blood-red necklace around her neck sends waves of terror through my body.

Just as my mother stared so hard as her baby was taken away, I stare at her, and the more I do, the further away she goes until she is but one of hundreds of women lying in that grey room. Which one is my mother? They all look the same in row after row.

I wake up with remnants of tears on my cheeks. I only cry in my dreams.

I have not had this dream for many years. Why did it come back to me now? I am only 29. But during that time, I spent almost 100 years on another planet where my body did not age. Now, I am broken and bruised, I have open sores all over my body that, when they heal, appear once again. Over and over without end. Yet I refuse to die. I languish on the Red Moon, in a cell deep beneath the Burning Mountain. The Redirectors tortured me for so long, even they finally grew weary. I have watched others die horrible deaths. And still I live. I am shackled by the Eipia metal, only found on the Red Moon. A necklace just as my mother wore in my dream. Eipia is the enemy of the alchemist. Or the sorcerer.

For I am more than an alchemist. I am a sorcerer. I will never forget the night I heard Stryker Gunn call me by what I truly am: a sorcerer. He was the first to raise me to those heights.

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