How It Happened: Adonai

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Tales of earth & oran

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Follow ten badass women and their intersecting stories as they seek revenge on Lance Rey, the most successful science fiction writer of all time.

A taste of Chapter 5 below. The first insight we get into what’s happening on planet Oran.

To say I haven’t been happy with what’s been going on lately is an understatement. Lance Rey is out of control. I am one of the few people who knows the truth about him. Well, one of the few on planet Earth anyway.

Oran is another story.

There is no one more hated on Oran than Lance Rey. At least amongst the common folk. What he did to Stryker Gunn and his sister is unconscionable. He must be punished.

Let me tell you how it happened.

Believe me or not. But you will believe when the day comes that vengeance is brought upon this man.

There is a world called Oran. It is connected to Earth. They say this happened by chance, as is so often the case with what we term “science.” Let me explain. Nothing is known amongst humans. If things were known, such as what you call “gravity” or even “life,” there would be no need for experiments to prove these things to be “true.” This is how science works: someone comes up with a theory. Experiments are conducted to “prove” the theory. A theory is something one decides one wants to believe is true. And so around in a circle it goes, back to the beginning of wanting to prove a theory.

There can be all sorts of reasons why one wants to prove, or shall we say believe, this thing or another. A thousand years from now, the theories that have been proven true in our time will be ridiculed and a thousand new theories will have come and gone since then. Perhaps progress will be made. But how do we even determine what progress means? By whose compass?

In summation, from the start there is bias. It is impossible for any human to approach what they term knowledge without bias. Therein lies the innate flaw of science.

Not so on Oran. We are spiritualists.

And the alchemist Plecham Extorlia was experimenting with fireflies….

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