Published today in Terror House Magazine

wrong turn: lilly

Chapter 4, part II

At the precinct, I figured I would sort it out. But when we arrived, no one would pay attention to anything I said. I was fingerprinted, photographed, and put into a holding room along with the other women. When I tried to insist I didn’t belong here, I was told if I kept at it, new charges would be thrown on me.

“I need to make a phone call.” I shouted through the bars.

No one listened.

I turned around and realized all the women were staring at me and they didn’t look amused. My eyes met those of the woman who had kicked me and I quickly dropped my gaze and tried to retreat into a corner. It was too late. She elbowed her way towards me. She was a big woman, mean and bitter-looking. But there was a feral intelligence in her eyes. She wondered about me.

She came right up close, adjusting her enormous blond beehive wig that sat askew on her head. “What you doin’ here, bitch? You a cop?”

I blinked at her in confusion. “A what?”

She crossed her arms and nodded her head knowingly. The wig moved up and down and fell into her eyes and she pushed it up again. In other circumstances, I would have found it funny. But not now, not with her staring right at me. “I think we need to teach this bitch a lesson. Right, ladeez?”

To continue: Firefly Lane, Chapter 4: Wrong Turn — Lilly, Part 2 (

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