What About Luciferase?


Bill Gates caught on video admitting vaccine will CHANGE our DNA FOREVER. – YouTube

Conspiracy theory or potential fact? All I know is, I’m having fun with it.

In Firefly Lane, science fiction writer, Lance Rey writes a book called Moon Wars, about a mutated firefly that is implanted into select human’s brains, altering their DNA and allowing them to travel between Earth and a planet called Oran. Billions of people around the world become fans of Moon Wars. They start tattooing fireflies on themselves. And then, people start disappearing–on the eve of the world premiere of the Moon Wars movie.

But those people can return. And when they do, they want revenge on Lance Rey.

I didn’t know about COVID-19 and these vaccines when I was writing this book. Or about the possibility of a Luciferase implantable biochip to be tracked by 5G technology. I just had this obsession with fireflies and a fascination with how they might be used to transmit information and alter humans.

Ten chapters reveal the stories of ten women, all of whom have reasons to hate Lance Rey and seek revenge. I’ve made a black and white drawing for each chapter.

Chapter 3, Killer Gene: Natasha starts like this:

It’s some sort of a space-time vortex or a wormhole. Call it what you want, I’m no expert. All I know is, I’m here, while Lance Rey is no doubt sitting on his deck with that panoramic view of Los Angeles and the sea beyond, drinking some sort of rare whiskey that I’ve never heard of.

He’s safe. Comfortable. Gathering glory for himself. The brilliant writer.

Meanwhile, I live in constant danger. 

 Wonder if his wife gave birth yet? Does she know what he is? Don’t worry, I won’t harm the innocent.  

Rey was here once, where I am. He did some bad things. But now….

Like the piggy man said: What’ll it be Natasha?

Warming myself by the fire while listening to the winds moan across the steppe, I spare a thought for who I once was… 

Read the chapter here Firefly Lane, Chapter 3: Killer Gene — Natasha, Part 2 (terrorhousemag.com)

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