Evernight Teen Published Key of Mystery

I always wondered what this would feel like. I was determined to know what this feels like. And it feels great. I am just going to enjoy these moments of being a new author. I have had many children’s books published in the past, picture books that I wrote and illustrated, like The Rumpoles and The Barleys, that have been sold all over the world, published with awesome companies like Harvest House and Thomas Nelson. There is nothing like getting letters from parents and children saying things like, “my son won’t go to bed at night without The Rumpoles and The Barleys!”


I wrote six early chapter books called Katie’s World that I loved doing, they were sixty pages each. I would get letters from all over the world from kids who thought that Katie was a real girl and they wanted to be her pen pal. And a book called All the Children of the World, and a whole bunch more. It was extremely rewarding. Now, when I look back, I wonder how I did it, as a single mother raising three kids! Now I am a grandma and so I still have little ones running around! I have MANY more picture books that I hope to have published. When I find the time!


But writing a series of Urban Fantasy books, with characters that I can develop over the course of six books, creating multiple layers to the stories, is really the kind of challenge I have been waiting for. And it’s a whole new marketing world out there. Blog tours, twitter, Facebook, I didn’t have any of these avenues for promotion when my children’s books were being published. This is an awesome world for a writer and I am enjoying all of it, learning everything that I can and applying it to the NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES.

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