World Home

I’ve been back in Los Angeles a little less than a month and I’ve already taken off for one of my favorite homes away from home, Ojai, and my favorite simple little hotel, Ojai Rancho Inn. I am quite adept at packing up and taking off for locations near and far. This one is just 45 minutes away, and I have escaped many times to find peace and inspiration. It has helped clear my mind so I can reflect and write.


The simple yet comfortable rooms.


The very rad little bar.

And after having been away for four months, traveling from Costa Rica to Morocco, this is truly like coming home.


Where would my writing be without Ojai? It’s sustaining energy has contributed to Night Angels Chronicles, Into the World, Letters from Purgatory, and so much more. And now I breathe in and close my eyes and smile..and sip my cabernet and listen to Spanish music. So many things to think about.

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