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The first two weeks of October at Noepe Center on Martha’s Vineyard, working on my Night Angels series, and what better place to create a sense of intimacy in writing. A perfect little world, detached from all the rest, no car, not even a Starbucks (hurray). Only sea and sky and wind-swept beaches, delicate forests that open onto ponds where swans glide, charming streets that turn magical and misty at night…all reasons for pulling out my computer in my favorite café, Espresso Love, and finding inspiration.

This is my third Noepe residency. I always return this time of year…. Pumpkin season at Morning Glory Farm. I wish I could take this natural farm with me everywhere I go!

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And all of this, including the historical Point Way Inn, inhabited during the autumn months by a few writers of all different disciplines, come to find their inspiration just like me. Even daring to drink from a bottle of wine called Writers Block. Yes, it was the mischief-maker, Renee Johnson, who brought that wine.

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Until next time…


What more could a writer want? Maybe a trip to Lake Arenal in Costa Rica…my next stop!!!

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