Let the Adventures Begin!

190I am living the gypsy life. Packed all my material possessions into a 10 x 9 ft storage unit so I would be free to travel for the next few months. In two weeks, I will be off for my writers residency at Noepe Center on Martha’s Vineyard. This is my third time staying at this idyllic spot and I know when I get off that ferry and head up the steps to the inn, it will feel a bit like coming home. Mid-October I am off the Costa Rica for three weeks, at the invitation of my dear friends Barbara and Lawrence Forsey, where I will be regenerating and looking into the possibility of writing workshops, perhaps with a bit of martial arts and meditation mixed in?  And then…. mid November I am off to Morocco to Café Tissardmine for a  month, on a sponsored residency, thanks to the amazing woman who owns the place, Karen Hadfield. I will be working on a literacy program with children in the village. I will be connecting this program, which we are calling “My World,” with Leia Marasovich, who will be working with children in the Amazon in Ecuador, and Jackie Lowe, who will be working with Native American children on a reservation in Northern California. I am so excited and inspired by this project! My desire has always been to connect youth from around the world, particularly in war-torn areas or places off the grid, where they might not ordinarily be able to experience communicating with youth from other cultures. In this world, where groups are becoming more polarized, I want to do what I can to bring children together so that they see the future as a place where they can celebrate their similarities and their differences, rather than a place where they must build barriers because of fear and division. http://www.cafetissardmine.com

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