Chateau d’Echandens, my childhood home above Lake Geneva

10446009_10154404858730360_7464519354027382445_n[1]Into the World is my childhood memoir of our traveling adventures during the turbulent 1960’s and it was inspiring to visit the 17th century castle I lived in as a child in the village of Echandens, above Lake Geneva. Wow, it wasn’t a dream! I really did live here and attend the village school with my sister and two brothers. The school hasn’t changed, although the scary old teacher, Madame Petriquain, who looked like all the most frightening Disney witches combined, is long gone. Part of the story tells of the mysterious old lady who owned the castle, Madame Franco, and her sinister son and how one stormy night she fell down the winding stone staircase in the central tower and claimed that her son had pushed her. What would a castle be without a mystery? 

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